Get an eHarmony Discount and Try Online Dating for Less

Published: 01st March 2011
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Have you tried your hand at online dating? If so, you probably have discovered that eHarmony is among the most costly dating sites to join. A month-to-month membership, for example, runs $59.95 at the time of this writing. This article will examine some of the ways in which you can get an eHarmony discount, so you can pay less and still take advantage of this great dating site.

While eHarmony is no doubt pricey, many people feel its matching system is second to none, and worth the extra price. However, by looking into things a bit further, I soon discovered that there are at least two ways in which you can reduce your cost of membership. The most obvious way is to buy a long-term subscription. For example, a one month, recurring membership will cost you almost sixty dollars each month. By contrast, if you purchase a year-long plan, you cost per month falls significantly, to only $19.95 each month. Similarly, a 6-month plan also brings down your monthly cost, in this case to $29.95 per month.

You can also obtain an online eharmony discount coupon to get lower rates on memberships. There are actually quite a few coupon websites online that offer eharmony coupons. However, many of them list outdated coupons that no longer work. Fortunately, I have already done some of the groundwork for you, and recommend you use this eHarmony discount coupon to get 20% off a 6 month membership.

By now, it should be clear that there are various methods for getting a reduced membership rate with eHarmony. The only downside is that you must commit to a longer term subscription. This is usually not a problem, as most eHarmony members understand that building relationships can take some time anyway. While eHarmony may require some time and patience, thousands of people have found love using this service, and it is worth checking out.

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